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Name: Kimm
Age: 14
Location: Right now? NJ. But i live in NH
Sexuality: straight
Boyfriend/girlfriend & if yes, post a picture: its complicated, but i guess you can say single.
10+ Bands/Singers: sugacrult, third eye blind, used, a change of pace, bright eyes, my chemical romace, somethign corporate, led zep, greenday
5+ Movies: notebook(i know, i know everyone says that), ever after, EMPIRE RECORDS, potc, chitty chitty bang bang :X
3+ Books: Sisterhood of the traveling pants series, In Her Shoes, Gossip Girls series
5+ T.V Shows Boy Meets World, Friends, Real World hahah, SNL+MadTv (i consider them the same sortof), Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfield
What do you like about yourself most: the fact i can be myself, and i'm honest
What do you hate about yourself most: my fear of rejection from this certain boy
What's one word that best descirbes you: my friend said non-boring,outgoing,funny. Ahahaha.
Promote us in two places and show the links: raz0r_bladekiss fuckbeauty
Why do you want to join? It seems like its a good community? haha. Honestly i was pretty bored, and i read my emails and this was one of them
Make us laugh: shit. god i hate these online make me laugh things i have to be like aroused(sp?) to make someone laugh. Weird? I know. I would right a joke but those are way to corny.

Your opinions on...
Abortion don't like it, i think its wrong. Who knows what the babies gonna be? Honestly, the kid could solve cancer, at least give it up for adoption, please?
Same sex marriges they love eachother. Marriage=Love. So yeah i'm for it
The War in Iraq i try to avoid thinking about this subject
Labels ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i HATE labels, DESPISE labels. Why can't everyone just be themselves!?!?
Australia hahah Ummm its pretty cool?

What do you think of these artists
My Chemical Romance i'm seeing them friday lalalla.a I don't really like how they got famous in about a week. And whats with all these random peopel suddenly liking them? Oh whatever, i would sy posers but i just said i hated labels
Britney Spears I loved her when she was you know not a whore.
Ashlee Simpson Aww, shes cute. But she can't really sing. :(
Slipknot Honestly i think me and my friends could make as good as a band of them, and we can't sing or play instruments.
Murderdolls Mmmm, haven;'t heard enough of their music to have an opinion
Avril Lavigne Ehhh. If you're supposively "punk" wouldn't you make punk music?
Eminem Eminem: "I'm gonna write sappy songs about my life, and then in the next album make fun of myself!!!! YEAH, AND THEN WHEN I"M MAKING THE ALBUM I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW MUCH I DON"T SPEND WITH HALEY CAUSE I"M HERE SINIGN THIS SONG."

Now 4+ pictures of yourself (if you dont ave any dont worry =D)

And on 150x150 picture. (if you dont have one please post one here so I can resize it)
choose your favorite of the one above:]
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